Buying real estate

Do you want to buy a piece of a calm and happy life for you and your children?
Where there are no traffic jams, viruses and 5g, where the air is clean, the sea and mountains are visible from the window.
We are not sell a house, we are sell a realized dream of a reasonable person.
The location of this house is a holy island, where there are more than 400 churches and 5 monasteries, and less than 4,000 thousand inhabitants live on an area of ​​280 square kilometers.
Schools and secondary education open the way for your children to European universities.
A beautiful island with almost untouched nature, some 50 years ago they rode here on mules.
Kythira Airport receives two flights a day from Athens, as well as once a week charter flights from Amsterdam and Sydney. Your neighbors will be Greeks, Dutch, English and Australians.


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