The Budget of 2023 was approved. The greatest in the history of our Municipality!

The Budget of 2023 was approved. The greatest in the history of our Municipality!

The Budget of the Municipality of 2023 was approved and started to be implemented directly, by the decision of the Secretary of the Decentralized Administration of Attica, etc. ΓρηγόΡη ΖΑφειρόΠουλου. The budget has a height of 26.440.603.34€, is quite balanced and is the largest in height in the history of our Municipality, thanks to the numerous financing projects that the Municipal has achieved our Principle. With the impending 1 company αναμόρφωσή, the budget will increase, in addition, at (at least) 5,000,000€, overcoming the amounts for 31,000,000€, and you have joined, and the latest funding from the Recovery Fund for the renewal of ΕΕΛ ΚαψΑλίΟυ, while even larger funds are expected in the coming months.

In the Budget in 2023 – in the discussion and adoption of which the Opposition abstained – included:

  1. This is a decrease in municipal cleaning and nλεκτροφωτισμού by 10%, for the second year of years, while simultaneously presenting social accounts for socially vulnerable groups of the population.
  2. These mandatory production costs, for example, wages, insurance premiums, maintenance costs of networks, infrastructure and municipal buildings, costs of fuel, etc. It is noted that the expenses of the nλεκτροφωτισμού have increased especially over the year 2023, due to the επαχθών ανατιμήσεων at the international level. The increase and expenses of wages (according to the CAP), as well as the Municipality expects the arrival of 2 more permanent employees (Engineers), information 13/2021/ASEP, whose salary fund must necessarily transfer to expenses. Significant amounts are associated with mandatory expenses, for example, logistics services, hotel accountants, his pension, economic and accounting management programs, OTS, etc.
  3. Their works, supplies and services that have been sold at auction in previous years, but will be completed in 2023 as persistent, from various sources of financing (but not limited to):

Maintenance of ΕπαρχΕίΟυ (OWN RESOURCES)
Research on the introduction and modernization of the River Theater (OWN RESOURCES)
Roads to ΒεργωμέΝο BK ΛιβαδίΟυ (ESPA)
New Water Supply Network. Valentina. Pelagia (HARAK)
Commission απορριμματοφόρου (ΦΙΛΟΔΗΜΟΣ)
Descaling units in Saint. Pelagia and ΔιακόΦτι (HARAK)
Path to Copper (PIB)
The Way to the Favorable Sand (PIB)
Street ΞΕρουλάκι – καλαμαύρος (PIB)
C Tank and Pumping Station Maintenance Area (PIB)
The path to ΒεργωμέΝο (ESPA)
Street ΜόΡμορη (HARAK)
City School (LEADER)
New Water Supply networks (PIB)
New stadiums in the River and Φριλιγκιάνικα (ΦΙΛΟΔΗΜΟΣ)
Regeneration of the River ΑντικυθήΡων (GREEN FUND)

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